Sun Valley red maple Sold Out
A Red Maple cultivar that is a result of a Red Sunset and Autumn Flame cross, this USDA selection shows all of the exceptional fall colors of both trees. Sun Valley is one of our favorite trees for brilliant fall color. Most years the foliage will be an almost florescent red color in the fall.
Mature height is 35’ and spread is 25’

Sugar Maple

Also known as (hard maple). Fall color ranges from yellow to deep orange. Sugar Maples grow slower than the red maple cultivars but are longer lived with hardwood that is more resistant to storm damage. 

Mature height is 80' and spread is 50'

Red Sunset Maple

A red maple cultivar selected and propagated for its brilliant red fall foliage. For decades one of the most widely used trees in the landscape. A truly classic red maple cultivar! Red Sunset is slower growing than Autumn Blaze but with a denser branching structure.

 Mature height is 35' and spread is 25'

Shelinas Beauty Maple

A Red Maple-Silver Maple hybrid like the Autumn Blaze Maple tree, Shelina's Beauty™ is just as trouble-free and adaptable as that popular tree... but a whole lot snazzier! Each leaf is unique with varying degrees of yellow mixed with green with the added beauty of variegated leaves.

Mature height is 35' to 40' and spread is 30'

More info on the Shelinas Beauty can be found here

Autumn Blaze Maple

This is our most popular and bestselling shade tree due to its extremely fast growth and great fall color. Autumn Blaze is a cross between Red Maple and Silver Maple. As a hybrid is doesn't get the "Whirly-bird" seeds common with other maples.

Mature height is 50' and spread is 40'