White Pine
By far the most popular evergreen tree for this region. White pines exhibit very fast growth and have long soft green needles. When planting as windbreak or in a row, spacing should be 15' to 20' .

Mature height is 50' to 80' with a spread of 20' to 40'

Norway Spruce
An alternative to the more popular white pine, Norway spruce have shorter and stiffer dark green needles. Growth is a bit slower than white pine but once the roots are established after transplanting they will grow at a good rate. 

​Mature height is 80' with a 40' spread

Austrian Pine
A very hardy pine tree that is ideal for windbreaks along roadways as it withstands salt spray. Grows at a medium rate in any type of soil. Young trees are pyramidal in shape but become oval with age. Noted for its dark rich green foliage, Austrian pine provides a pleasant contrast with other plants. Needles are stiff 2" to 4" long in groups of two, with a 2 1/2" to 3" cone. Winter buds have a distinct silver color.

​Mature height is 60' with a spread of 20' to 40'