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Chinquapin Oak
A worthy specimen for larger lawns, estates, or parks. A medium to large size oak with dark green leaves in summer turning yellow-orange to orangish-brown in fall. The acorns are at the top of the food preference list for many wildlife species. Grows 40'-50' high with a similar spread
Sawtooth Oak

Prefers moist, well drained, acidic soils of moderate fertility, but adapts well to relatively poor, dry soils of neutral or slightly alkaline pH. It thrives in full sun to partial sun. It is basically disease and pest free and native of Asia. Its leaves turn yellow in fall and remain on the tree through winter. Acorns from sawtooth oaks are relished by wildlife 

 Mature height is 60' with similar spread

Bur Oak

Tolerates a wide range of soil types and will do well on wetter sites as well as dry upland areas. Bur oaks are large stately trees with deeply grooved "corky" bark. Fall color starts yellow and turns brown

 Mature height is 60' to 80' with similar spread

White Oak-Sold Out

Has blue-green summer foliage with long lasting reddish purple fall color. Acorns are very attractive to wildlife. They are very strong and statley with good disease resistance and drought tolerance. Mature height is 60' to 80' with spread of 60' to 80'

Swamp White Oak
Grows well on either wet soils or drier upland sites. Has a unique peeling bark on its branches and is becoming more popular among landscapers and homeowners. Foliage turns yellow then brown in fall.

Mature height is 50' to 60' and spread is 40' to 50'

Red Oak
A fast growing oak that transplants easily. It has red fall color and the leaves hang onto the tree into winter. Red oak is a great tree for larger yards or other similar areas. 

Mature height is 60' to 80' and spread is up to 50'

Pin Oak

One of the most popular oaks among homeowners, probably due to their fast growth and good shape. Pin oak leaves turn red in the fall and then brown. They hold their leaves throughout the winter until new bud growth pushes them off in early spring. Pin oaks do not do well in soils with high pH levels.

 Mature height is 60' to 70' and spread is up to 35' to 40'