Ginkgo- Sold Out
Ginkgo trees are the oldest tree species on earth. Their leaves are uniquely shaped and their golden fall foliage makes them nice specimen trees. Ginkgos are disease-resistant and tolerate urban pollution. They mature to 50-80' with 30-40' spreads.

Tulip Poplar
Tulip Poplar is a fast growing shade tree with unique "tulip-shaped" leaves. Does well on either a wet or drier planting site. In fall, its foliage is spectacular, turning yellow. Tulip Poplar can grow to heights of 75-100' with a spread of 35-40'.

Blackgum (Wildfire) Sold Out
Blackgums, often known as Black tupelos, are some of the most beautiful native trees of North America and 'Wildfire' has almost perfected the Blackgum. It has excellent pyramidal form that displays brilliant, neon red fall color. It is one of the most stunning autumn foliage choices and the perfect companion for yellow and gold maples. Blackgum grows well in sun or partial shade and does best in moist, acidic soils. Matures to about 60’ with a 25’ spread.

Skyline Honeylocust
An excellent street and lawn tree that does well in extreme heat and cold and seems to almost thrive where seasons are defined. Not picky about soil. A fast grower, but wood is not brittle. The small ferny leaves provide a light mottled shade and turn yellow before dropping in the fall. Matures to 50' with a spread of 30-35'.

Linden(Greenspire Little-leaf) Sold Out
This tree has a faster growth rate and smaller leaves than other lindens with a dense pyramidal to oval crown which casts deep shade It is a prolific bloomer with small fragrant flowers appearing in late June and into July. Matures to a height of 50’ with a 35’ spread.

Weeping Willow- Sold Out
A unique shaped tree easily spotted by its long cascading branches which droop to the ground. Very tolerant of wet sites and extremely fast growing. An excellent specimen tree or for planting on sites too wet for other species. Matures to heights of 50' with similar spreads.

American sycamore is a massive tree and can attain the largest trunk diameter of any of the Eastern U.S. hardwoods. Its bark is unique among all trees being a combination of mixed green, tan, and cream.  

Some sycamore trees can reach mature heights of over 100'

Bald Cypress-Available in potted only
A "deciduous conifer", bald cypress actually has needles rather than leaves yet it loses its needles each year, thus the reference to "bald" in its name. This unique tree can grow in standing water or on much drier sites. 

Mature heights are 50' to 70' and spread is 30' to 40'

River Birch
Many folks fall in love with the peeling bark of the river birch which gives it a year round attraction in any yard or landscape setting. It thrives and grows rapidly on wet sites but also does well on drier site once its roots are established. River birch is resistant to the borer which decimates other birchs.

Mature height is 60' and spread is 40'